is a go-to market accelerator. We empower brands to accelerate their market development strategies. We do this by building a next-generation salesforce powered and leveraged by marketing diversification, learning methods, market validation and reselling programs. We create magnetic relationships between inventors, businesses, brand ambassadors and first customers. We do this by educating and encouraging growing businesses to stay lean with a millennial attitude, and the right technology.

Rise to be stellar

Rocket launching

Your venture

Rise to be stellar

Rocket launching

Your venture

Shaping Leaders to Break New Ground vision’s is to create magnetic interactions that shape leaders to break new ground. We inspire and instruct entrepreneurs to navigate their go-to market journey by staying lean, inventive and connected to responsive communities.

We capture vision, we acquire inspiration, we undertake ambition – and we turn it into a go-to-market strategy. We help in product development and strategy, but also in connecting business owners with their earliest adopters.

Our universe can intersect at any commercialization stage of’s four distinct constellations.



The first go-to market bootcamp for startups.



Connecting businesses with social media influencers and ambassadors.



Launch a first-class crowdfunding campaign.



Scale your company with millennial style.