is a go-to market accelerator. We empower brands to accelerate their market development strategies. We do this by building a next-generation salesforce powered and leveraged by marketing diversification, learning methods, market validation and reselling programs. We create magnetic relationships between inventors, businesses, brand ambassadors and first customers. We do this by educating and encouraging growing businesses to stay lean with a millennial attitude, and the right technology.

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About Us

Learn how we do what we do. propels leaders forward to scale and gather momentum using authentic communities generated by engaged followers.

Women-owned, women-led, aboriginal diversity company.

We are strong and bold minded.

We LOVE what we do.

We’re a team of thinkers, creators, connectors, executors, fixers and builders. And we love achieving our projects!

Lead with passion. So you uncover your purpose.

Embrace the unexpected. We act on instinct and stay flexible.

Grow together. We stay strategically attentive so you build communities.

Be genuinely authentic. We share openly and often so you leave your own mark.

A foundation in creativity.

Our work comes from conversations, ingenuity and a shared common purpose: to connect next-generation leaders with the people that will help them succeed.