is a go-to market accelerator. We empower brands to accelerate their market development strategies. We do this by building a next-generation salesforce powered and leveraged by marketing diversification, learning methods, market validation and reselling programs. We create magnetic relationships between inventors, businesses, brand ambassadors and first customers. We do this by educating and encouraging growing businesses to stay lean with a millennial attitude, and the right technology.

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Our Team

People Behind Our Work

We’re a bunch of creatives, go-getters, communicators, networkers, designers, athletes, thinkers and millennials. Together, we design, write, build, shape and strategize out-of-the-box marketing campaigns to make our clients proud.
Co-CEO -

Raphaëlle Viau

Co-CEO -

Maude Laplante

Do you think you got the skills to think outside the box?

Apply with your CV, Instagram profile or personal website. Tell us why you’re ready to jump into action in a fast-paced team. We are actively looking for a dedicated account manager, business developer, and CTO.